Rosemary Road, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex
We provide a huge range of products for a wide range of animals from the commonly kept pets such as hamsters and budgies to the exotic and specialist pets such as Macaws, Marmosets and Caimens.

We are also currently apply for our Pet shop license that will allow us to see live animals and we shall be doing this very differently from other petshops. With our Parrots your price will include a cage, booklet, toys and food as well as the parrot. We will also take in any unwanted animals and find good homes for them or keep them and give them a suitable home with love and attention.

We are also able to offer Marmosets for sale but these loving animals do need special treatment and we advise that anyone considering gettting one should read about them and find out before buying one. We will offer help and advice but we can only do so much.

Call us on 01255 431433 to see if we can help you more!
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