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We are a community based project with the club officers working at all levels to promote the sport on a voluntary basis. Funds raised via the judo club and competition activities are re-invested in people and equipment in order to maintain a high skill level and a safe environment for children and adults to train in.

  Clacton International Festival of Judo - October 2004
Organised and fund raising by Ray Goodey (Yama Yarashi Ryu Judo club which was formally Clacton Judo Club.
This will be its fifth year. 
It was the first judo event to run Special Needs Judo Competition alongside able players in 2001
This moved forward a very positive feeling towards special needs judo, and also helped in training many officials from all over the
UK over the weekend. 
In 2001 officials from the World Special Olympics attended this event in 2001 as Judo was included for the first time in the Dublin World Special Olympics in June 2003.
This was the first ever event to run with able and special needs players competing alongside each other with over 300 special needs players and supporting staff travelling with special needs players so they could take part from all over Europe along with over 1000 able players and supporters.
Special Needs Judo village has been arranged at a local holiday camp for 2004 Festival
Many able body and Special needs athletes travelled to this event last year and already teams as far away as India and as close as Netherlands have confirmed for October 23rd and 24th 2004.

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